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This is a Switchfoot Icon Challenge community.

Once a week, a challenge will be posted. The types of challenges will vary. One week we might use a certain base, another week a group of pictures, another song lyrics, etc, etc. Because of this guidelines might vary from challenge to challenge, so PLEASE make sure to read the instructions for each challenge!!! The most basic and important guideline that will apply to every challenge is this: do not steal or copy anyone else's icon and submit it as your own. We want to see what you can create. We also want original, creative icons! [And, yes, you can join and vote even if you don't make icons.]

New challenges will be posted at the beginning of each week and will go through Friday. Voting will begin on Saturday and go through until Sunday or Monday.

Submitting Icons
Icons will be submitted as comments to each challenge post. Include both the image and URL versions. (You might want to use photobucket.com to upload your icons.) These comments will be screened so that no one copies icons and voting is based soley on the icon and not the person who made it. To keep voting purely based on the icons and not the users, I also ask that you not post your submitted icons anywhere else until AFTER voting ends. I know it's hard because you want to share your icons, but just be patient! You can do whatever you want after voting ends!

Also, the number of icons that can be submitted may change from challenge to challenge (although, it will most likely be 1 to 3). Please pay close attention to the instructions for each challenge to see how many icons you may submit.

Voting will vary depending on the challenge and number of submissions. However, you will usually be able to vote for 1 to 3 icons (in order by your favorite). Your vote will be a screened comment to the special voting post.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. There will also be one honorable mention/moderator's choice. Banners for winners will be provided soon.

Created by: illbesquare
Moderated by: illbesquare, megliz123, defeated


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inspired by gg_challenge & those boys in that rock band